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Hi folks...

Welcome to Keith Irwin’s web site where you are free to browse and explore whilst listening to some samples taken from his great new album. His new album can also be purchased from here as well. Keith Irwin is from the North of Ireland.

He is a gifted singer with a unique voice. He can transform any song into something special. Keith also enjoys strumming the guitar, and playing the guitar whilst singing. He has been playing in local clubs and pubs in Ireland for about five years. His music ranges from Irish to American country. Keith has been inspired by the artists Alan Jackson, Bryan Adams and Vince Gill.

This last year has been busy for Keith. He has been busy recording his album “Drive” which was just released in June this year. Keith enjoys truck driving so it’s not surprising that his first album should be called “Drive”. It’s a great album for all you singing truckers, but hey it’s great for “driving” and listening to whilst in the car. This is Keith’s first album which has been a fantastic success, and well worth the wait.

There are four great tracks on this CD which were written (both lyrics and music) by a talented local artist Mr Chris McLernon. The CD was produced and directed by the great musician Mr Clive Culbertson.

Keith’s album has received wide promotion through the local radio stations. He is going down a storm not only locally but on the Europe scene as well. He has had reviews from Country Music Roundup Magazine. Explore the links opposite to get more comments on this new voice of country music.

Any views on his new album email Keith Irwin and let him know through the contacts link.

Keep calling into Keith’s web page as he will be advertising future gigs with dates and venues.

Have fun, and remember Keith’s great new album Drive can be bought from here.

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